First I’ll tell you what this book is not.

It’s not a book of great sports photography.

It’s not a book telling you step by step how to take great sports photos.

But I do believe there are certain qualities a great sports photo needs. It needs to be a sharp image. It needs to be peak action, faces showing if possible, and it needs to have really, really good lighting.

In this book, I won’t tell you a lie, but I will tell you a story. The good tales are all here.

Hardcover | ISBN 978-1-944193-38-6 | 240 pages
PHOTOGRAPHY / Subjects & Themes / Sports

The Authors

Jimmy Cribb


Jimmy Cribb has served as the Atlanta Falcons' team photographer since 1980, capturing game action from the sidelines for 36 seasons. Jimmy has photographed the Falcons in every NFL stadium, the Tokyo Dome and London’s Wembley Stadium. He has been on the sideline shooting 17 Super Bowls, including 1999 with the Falcons. During his career, Cribb has covered Major League Baseball, University of Georgia football, the Atlanta Hawks, and NASCAR.


George Henry

George Henry has covered the Atlanta Falcons since 1986, full-time since joining The Associated Press in 2000. He's worked at several newspapers as a sports editor, columnist and beat writer.